Friday, November 25, 2011

A Year With Jesus by R.P. Nettelhorst

A Year With Jesus
Book Description

Too many times the impact and grandness of the actual words Jesus spoke, as recorded in the Bible, are lost in the telling of the story. In A Year with Jesus, the primary focus is to allow the scriptures that contain Jesus' dialogue to uniquely speak to the reader. The author follows each reading with insights and applications to help explain the context and nuances of the text. The unique titling of each meditation and the nontraditional themes and organization help bring Jesus to our daily lives. Topics include:

Love and Hate

Truths and Lies

Arrogance and Humility

Friends and Enemies

Belief and Disbelief

Patience and Impatience

Deserved and Undeserved

Good and Evil

Fidelity and Treachery

Life and Death

My Review

This is a book that you will want to have for the up coming new year and it is a book, given as a gift that would be treasured throughout the year by it’s recipient. Though we don’t always “count our blessings” throughout the year weather it is because life is just so hectic or because we have so much on our minds,  ten minutes each morning reading the short devotions on topics such as love and hate, patience, friends, truth and lies, will ease the difficulties that we face throughout each day. It is a thought provoking devotional that I have truly enjoyed.

Although my personal preference of scripture is the King’s James version, A Year With Jesus has many scriptural versions throughout this devotional. It is an easy and understandable read that when I am going about my day, I find myself reflecting on that particular mornings reading.

You can find it HERE. I highly recommend this devotional to start your day!



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