Monday, November 9, 2009


     Andy Andrews' The Noticer is a reminder for all of us to put our lives back into "perspective". It is a seeker of the truth into one's soul. It is revealing, uplifting and inspiring, a good read that is hard to put down.

The story begins with 23 year old Andy Andrews as a spiritually destitute young man who was living underneath a pier at Gulf State Park down in the Gulf Coast. He had gone down there after the deaths of his parents, his mother died of cancer years earlier and his father died in a traffic accident not too long after his mother.

     At the lowest point in his life, a man named Jones steps into his life. Jones becomes his mentor and helps Andy put perspective into his life and circumstances. Jones sees more things in and about us than most of us do in a lifetime. Jones is a man with great wisdom that has a gift of helping people. Jones moves in and out of the town of Gulf State Park over a span of several generations.

     As I was reading through the book, I would pause on each person Jones was trying to help. Each question Jones would ask would make me think about how I would answer each question. And if I were to be totally honest, which I was being honest with myself, I failed each of those questions. That had made me be ashamed of myself. At that moment, I decided to be very concious of every word that would now come out of my mouth in the future. I also made a vow to myself to really stop and think about whatever problem would come my way in the future. To analyse, think through and pray about how I may put the problem in perspective and then apply that to my problem and life.

     I highly recommend reading "The Noticer" and to take a good hard look at how you handle problems in your life. Do you use harsh words? Do you bring on problems because you make hasty decisions? Does your actions speak louder than your words ? All of these things makes a diference in what direction our life will go.

     Since reading "The Noticer" and putting the teaching into practice, I have made better decisions, have used more postitive words, think more positive and have made my actions speak louder than my words. My life is more calm and much more peaceful than it was before reading "The Noticer".



Shawntele said...

Great review; it is nice to read how you have applied it to your life, it sounds like a very encouraing book.

Tammy said...

Thank you Shawntele, This book really makes you sit back and think about how we spaek, walk, make decisions, etc. I truly took a good hard look at myself because of this book. And to think, I thought I was pretty grounded, made sound decisions, was walking closely with our Lord and obeying... boy was I way off hahaha!

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