Wednesday, December 30, 2009


     This year for Christmas we gave our family the Wii Fit game. After all the gifts were unwrapped, the clean up done and breakfast was over, my hubby installed the Wii game system. We preceded to make each of our mii's (avatars), then began scrolling through all of the games on the Wii Fit disc, having a tough time deciding which game to play we decided to play the bowling game first.   

    First of all, the avatar's look like little "Leggo" people with wooden knobs for hands (very funny), the faces look like characters from the television show South Park. So we begin playing and to my surprise, the game gave me the feeling of a bowling alley atmosphere. The game is exciting, fun and full of laughs. The gel jackets that cover the hand controllers are very comfortable and the controller itself is sleek and comfortable to hold for long periods of time.


     Next, my youngest son and I tried the yoga exercise game. At first we thought, "how easy" but then as we began the breathing and stances we started to realize that it wasn't so easy after all. Not only do you have to breathe and stand correctly, your posture has to be in line with your stance and breathing. It is definately not that easy. When you have completed an exercise, you can really feel it in your muscles and you know that it is working.

     There is also boxing, baseball, soccer, golf, jogging and a flying type game in which each of those games focus on different muscles in each game. However, when your playing the games, your not thinking that you are exercising when actually you are!

     There are both hi and low impact exercises depending on the game you choose to play. I would highly recommend this to everyone who are looking to shave off a few or more inches from their waste. We will be incorporating the Wii Fit into our physical fitness program in our curriculum. 

This review is made solely on my own honest opinion and I have not been paid nor have I received free products from the manufacturer.     

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