Monday, January 4, 2010

Fresh Air All Year Long

    During the long winter days and nights with the windows and doors shut morning, noon and night, lets face it, our homes begin to become stale smelling. If not being cooped up isn't enough to make a person go mad, the stale stifling smell will! Sure, you can open the windows for a few hours but come the end of the month, your electric bill has jumped to an astronomical amount and the fresh air smell in the house is quickly replaced with that ever so familiar smell of wet dog and left over fish again.

     That's when I pull out the big guns... febreze!!! to the rescue! I dance around spraying the couch, carpet, curtains, dog beds and every single bed in the house. At least the fresh smell stays fresh for hours and hours. 

      I have poured febreze into my carpet cleaner's water on the rinse cycle of carpet cleaning and oh... I'm in heaven on earth. The fresh smell in the carpet lasts for a few days. It especially works very well in the boys rooms. The only real down side of Febreze that I've found, is that it doesn't dry very fast so you need to make sure the kids are out of the house for awhile. However, that is just a small price to pay for freshness.                                                        

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