Thursday, February 11, 2010

Curriculum Review From The Whole Word Publishers

     I received a copy of The book of Obabiah with Geometric Designs and Three Fonts in exchange to write a review giving my honest opinion of the curriculum.
My son used this copy work book for two reasons, first, for verse memorization and second, for improving his hand righting skills. The book has three different font styles for each verse which makes it nice for writing the verse each day. He wasn’t as bored with writing each day. By writing a verse each day, it really helped with his memorization of the verse.
     I also like the fact that kindergartners can use these copy books also. I use myself for verse memorization, by writing it down throughout the week really helps with my retai of the verse.
     I highly recommend these copy books to everyone. You can see more of these wonderful books by visiting The Whole Word Publishing or at Currclick dot com. Currclick dot com has thousands of titles and subjects for every learning level. These downloadable copywork books that are extremely inexpensive that truly teach in a way that makes it fun to learn.

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